Each of these partners has a unique role in our collective project and film. Whether it’s co-producing art workshops with Nativo in Tijuana’s colonias or connecting with asylum seekers and activists in the Bay Area with East Bay Sanctuary Covenant, each partner is invaluable to our shared goals of centering the agency and leadership of migrants. We’re deeply appreciative and indebted to their staff, volunteers, organizers and members.



East Bay Sanctuary Covenant


EBSC provides legal services, community organizing, and transformative education to support low-income immigrants and people fleeing violence and persecution. With the help of the broader community, EBSC reunites families, protects unaccompanied children, challenges unjust immigration policies, leads trainings, and so much more.


Tiyya Foundation


Orange County based, The Tiyya Foundation is an award-winning 501 (c)(3) known for transforming the refugee living experience in the OC & Greater Los Angeles areas. Founded by Meymuna Hussein-Cattan and her mother, Owliya Dima in 2010, Tiyya has led the charge for impacting thousands of families through innovative education, arts, and recreation programs through its grassroots efforts. The Mayor of Los Angeles and Congressman Adam Schiff recently awarded the organization’s leadership acknowledging its positive impact on society. Maintaining the core values of her family, Meymuna now runs The Tiyya Foundation alongside her husband, Shukry Cattan. The Tiyya Foundation focuses on core programs centered around healthier childhoods after displacement & college readiness.




Nativo is a mobile arts workshop in Tijuana, Mexico. Nativo promotes children’s cultural development and a strengthening of cultural heritage through the production of visual art, music, media art, and literature. This portable center for artistic and cultural creation works with the most vulnerable populations in Tijuana, including migrant youth. Nativo creates artistic practices in ​​public spaces for collective use, and promotes sustainable structures and social ties. Nativo proposes an alternative version of cultural institutions by carrying out cultural practices through its portable and ephemeral infrastructure. Nativo works in highly marginalized regions with high rates of poverty and crime. The art workshops stimulate community participation in the care and maintenance of communal spaces.


Al Otro Lado


A bi-national, social justice legal services organization serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana, Mexico. Their mission is to provide legal services and to uplift our immigrant communities by defending the rights of migrants against systemic injustices in the legal system. Their comprehensive cross-border programming and litigation work integrate trauma-informed practices. They engage vital partnerships and thousands of volunteers to provide essential legal services to migrants at the Southern Border in Tijuana and throughout Southern California. Al Otro Lado’s work is also centered in fighting for all families that have been torn apart by unjust immigration laws.


The Children’s Psychological Health Center


The Children’s Psychological Health Center is dedicated to protecting and mending young children’s hearts and minds to help autistic, traumatized and other very troubled young children. CPHC is a California Public Benefit Corporation with federal 501(c)3 nonprofit status.