About The Film

“There’s a saying in Mexico, they call it pueblo chico, infierno grande—small town big hell…I was an easy target.” – Juan, an LGBTQ asylee from Mexico.

Waves of migrants are fleeing and traversing thousands of miles to plead for safety at the US-Mexico border. Every day, more arrive at the border with hopes that their asylum cases might be heard. Caught between hardline immigration policy and international humanitarian law, most migrants at the border end deported to a potentially lethal fate, while others wait in limbo in Mexico.

NO SEPARATE SURVIVAL is a participatory documentary project that offers asylum seekers a chance to get behind the camera and share their perspectives as storytellers. What brought them to risk it all? What future do they dream about? What responsibility do we hold to each other across borders?

Help us give asylum seekers the creative tools and training to tell their own stories and move towards healing in the US and Mexico!

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Help us build this film to support the creativity and healing of asylum seekers.

This film offers primarily LGBTQ, Black and indigenous migrants a creative venue to reflect, dialogue and move towards healing. Facing forced displacement from Central America, Haiti, and West Africa, asylum seekers are resettling in Mexico and the US. They face criminalization. They grapple with loss. They build community. A chance to tell their stories can help them open a door to healing. And it can help connect us to each other across borders through first-person narrative storytelling and animation.

NO SEPARATE SURVIVAL is a co-produced documentary film and partnership between our digital storytelling arts collective and a network of grassroots arts and community organizations led by and for asylum seekers on both sides of the US-Mexico border.